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Membership: (703) 560-1282

Coming Soon – 2022 BCRC Membership!

Summer is coming – and it is time to start thinking about joining Broyhill Crest Pool. We are working on a new membership system that will make it simpler than ever for members to join the pool, purchase guest passes, check in at the front desk and more. The new system will be ready soon – so watch this space for updates and be sure to sign up for our mailing list to get the latest Cool Pool News!

2022 Rates:

  • Regular membership fee: $275 (includes one adult 18-59 years of age)
  • Senior membership fee $200 (includes one adult 60+ years of age)
  • Add On Family Member: $100 per person (3 years old and up – must be member of same household or caregiver at that household)
  • Shareholder discount: $25 (one per family)
  • Grandparent pass: $250 (Senior shareholders only)
    • Not eligible for the $25 shareholder discount
    • 15 day passes, up to 10 family members per use
    • Shareholder must be present