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2024 Registration Instructions

2024 Registration Instructions

Welcome to Broyhill Crest Pool! We look forward to seeing you this summer for another season of fun and friendship. Click here if you want to jump-start your registration:


  • Regular membership fee: $330 (includes one adult 18-59 years of age)
  • Senior membership fee $240 (includes one adult 60+ years of age)
  • Add On Family Member: $120 per person (3 years old and up – must be a member of same household or caregiver at that household)
  • For Regular membership: Households with 4-6 members pay $690; 7+ members add $120 per member.
  • For Senior membership: Households with 4-6 members pay $600; 7+ members add $120 per member.
  • Shareholder discount: $25 (one per family)
  • Grandparent pass: $300 (Senior shareholders only)
    • Not eligible for the $25 shareholder discount
    • 15 day passes, up to 10 family members per use
    • Shareholder must be present

Here are the registration instructions:


  • Link to our pool registration website:
    • Returning members can login with their userid/pw from last year, or you can click the link at the bottom of the login form (Retrieve username & password. Click here.) to have an email sent to you with a link to reset your password.
    • New members should click the “Join BCRC” in the top menu to register
  • NOTE: If one member of your household has turned 60 before opening day (May 25) for the first time this season and now may qualify for the Senior Rate (or Senior Shareholder Rate), please contact our Membership Chair at prior to registering so we can change your membership type to “Senior”.


  • Add any additional family members by clicking the Add Member button on the top right or edit their details as necessary, including uploading a photo of their face if you like
  • Be sure to add your emergency contact information by clicking the Edit button next to the Emergency Contact title


  • When ready to pay for your membership, click the Make A Payment menu option (or under PAYMENTS menu header)
  • From the Payment page, you can:
    • Include the family members that will be active this year
    • Please add all family members to your account that will be attending the pool this year, including those that are 2 and under as of the pool’s opening day, but when paying, DO NOT select any family members that are 2 and under on the payment page. These members are free, and we will activate them once we receive your family’s payment. Look for specific instructions on this subject on the Payment page.
    • Select the Membership Fee or Senior Membership Fee – special note for Shareholders only:
      • Your membership defaults to what you selected last year, contact if you have questions
      • If you are not going to maintain an active membership this year, Shareholders should select to pay the $50 inactive fee instead
      • Shareholders will receive their $25 discount
    • Select your Volunteer Hours Fee Buyout if you prefer to contribute $100 instead of volunteering the required six hours during the season. Seniors are not required to fulfill any volunteer hours. If you change your mind after registration and would like to pay this fee separately, just log back into your account and click “Membership > Payments” in the menu in the upper-right hand corner.
    • Select any guest passes you would like.
    • Add optional Caregiver Pass for $120 for the season.
    • Select Credit Card or Check Payment and click Next to finalize your payment details.
    • The final step is to enter your credit card details and click the Submit Order button. If paying by check, checks should be made out to BCRC and mailed immediately, along with a copy of your invoice which is emailed to you, to:
      • BCRC
        P.O. Box 196
        Annandale, VA 22003
  • Upon completion of your payment, you will receive an email confirming your payment and you can log back in at any time to check if your check has been received – you will not be able to check in at the front desk until your check has been received.


Once you have registered, you can log back in to the membership system to manage your account and pay for any of the following components for your membership:

  • Add Family Members: Add each additional family member, who will default to an unpaid status, until you finish payment – start the payment process outlined below, select the Member Fee option and then select each unpaid member you want to pay for – remember, don’t select 2-and-under members, they are free.
  • Purchase Guest Credits: Simply start the payment process outlined below and select the Purchase Guest Credits option for either 5 or 10 credits.
  • Purchase Volunteer Buyout: If you decide you cannot commit the six-hours of volunteer time this season and would rather pay the $100 buy-out fee instead, simply start the payment process outlined below and select the Purchase Volunteer Buyout option. NOTE: Senior Memberships are exempt from the 6-hour volunteer commitment
  • Purchase Caregiver Pass: Simply start the payment process outlined below, enter the Caregiver’s name.

Payment Process: To pay for any of the optional components of your membership, click “Membership > Payments” in the menu in the upper-right corner and select your option(s) – note that additional family members must be added before starting the payment process.

For check payments, see the last paragraph in section above titled “MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS AND PAYMENT – INITIAL REGISTRATION”