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Parties at the Pool

Parties at the Pool

Pavilion Rental for Parties

Our pavilion can be reserved for up to 3 hours by members only.  Be sure to check the pool’s calendar before you start, to make sure the day and times you want are available. Reservation requests should be made 48 hours before the event and are made by completing the reservation form below and sending the guest list to


  • $50 for members plus $50 refundable deposit (contingent on satisfactory completion of “Checkout List”) up to 39 attendees.
  • For parties of 40 or more guests, a $100 deposit is required.
  • For parties of 50 or more guests, a $100 deposit is required plus hiring of an extra guard for the party duration.
  • One free rental per year for stockholders
  • All non-member guests: $7 – fees paid for any non-member guests that do not show up will be refunded after the event with the deposit, and any fees owed for any non-member guests that do show up unexpectedly at the event will be deducted from the deposit

Complete the Party Request:

Click the icon below for detailed instructions on how to complete and pay for your Party Reservation Request online and also complete and email the mandatory Attendee List to the Party Coordinator.

Questions? Please email the Party Coordinator at

Click to reserve the pavilion online
Pavilion Party
Reservation Request
Click to download the guest list template for a previously purchased APPROVED pavilion reservation
Pavilion Party
Reservation Guest List Template

Once you have completed a Party Reservation Request (link to the left of this one), you will need to download, complete and submit this Guest List Template to our party coordinator at