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Board Clerk Position

Broyhill Crest Recreation Club – Board Clerk Position

General Job Description

The Board Clerk is the recorder and record-keeper for the Broyhill Crest Recreation Club (BCRC). The Clerk supports the Board of Directors in a number of administrative tasks and responsibilities. The Clerk is an ex-officio member of the Board who may participate in Board discussions but has no voting rights.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

  • Record and maintain full minutes of all meetings of the stockholders, and of the Board of Directors, and ad hoc Board committees as needed
  • Maintain all relevant statistics and historical records relating to the operation of the Corporation, including the transfer books of capital shares
  • Prepare and distribute notice to shareholders about annual Shareholders’ Meeting. Track responses for quorum and proxy requirements
  • Conduct all activities to support BCRC’s membership function, including
    • Create and distribute membership drive materials such as the cover letter, calendar and membership forms as needed. (Membership drive is presently conducted via email, website and USPS postal system.
    • Maintain yearly membership records. Compile, produce and update annual
    • Membership Book, used to substantiate membership status and allow entrance to pool or grounds.
    • Act as primary contact for all membership, general information questions.
    • Provide membership data as requested.

Minor Job Responsibilities

  • Track guest pass usage during pool season; collect and turn in guest pass revenue to
  • Marketing: Contact, schedule, and monitor camps’ pool rentals.
  • Facilitate the sale or transfer of corporation shares
  • Prepare and post signage publicizing BCRC events as needed or directed by the Board
  • Procure meeting space/s for Board and Shareholders meetings.
  • Coordinate with website Board liaison and webmaster to provide materials to post to site as needed
  • Alerts phone company to activate and provide service to pool’s onsite landline in April until season’s end. Deactivate phone line in September.

Key Competencies

Proficiency in Access, Word and Excel programs, and ability to create mail merge documents.

Compensation & Hours

The clerk receives an annual salary of $4,200 and a free pool membership for the clerk and their family. The clerk spends approximately 10-20 hours per month on BCRC duties with up to 40 hours per month in the peak summer months of June, July and August.

For more information or to apply contact Erin Donovan: