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CPN 10 – Swim Team Winners & New Pool Hours

Hi All
August already – where did July go?
And September just weeks away
But still plenty of time to get to the pool
For swimming, relaxation and play…

The Olympics continue in Tokyo, and we have our own amazing athletes here in Broyhill Crest.  Congratulations to the swim team which finished the season 4-1 and came second in the division.

At the end of season divisional swim meet, the team brought home 49 medals – 11 gold, 16 silver and 6 bronze in addition to 16 swimmers placing fourth, fifth or sixth. Congratulations to our Barracudas!

And thank you to all who supported the team during the swim season, and accepted when the pool closed early for meets, or lanes were used for swim clinics.  

Everyone involved appreciates your understanding, and the swim team kids and parents are often friends for life – it is a special time!

This Friday 6 August – Little Bamboo Food Truck
Come on out this Friday from 5-7pm, enjoy delicious cuisine from the Little Bamboo Food Truck specializing in innovative fusion tacos, bahn mi, rice bowls and noodles inspired by various Asian cultures and seasonality of ingredients.
Pre-order your dinner here:

Walk-ups are welcome – but nothing is guaranteed, so come by early to make sure you get your favorites. Members are invited to bring their favorite beverage (no glass please) along with their food up to Kathy’s Korner and enjoy happy hour with friends and neighbors.
Every Sunday from 10am-11am, the pool is open for anyone 18 years and above.  Come enjoy the water, swim some laps or relax with friends.

The tradition continues – every Tuesday 7pm-8pm.  Bring a float and enjoy the fun and frivolity in the pool.  Ice cream floats are sold from 7.15pm, still at the bargain price of just $1 each!

Certainly hope you are all enjoying the brand new water fountain installed outside the guards office.  And filling your reusable water bottles there has already saved 252 plastic bottles!
And another handy machine at the pool is the swimsuit spinner.  Located on the wall between the womens changing room and the painted doors to the filter sheds, this machine will spin dry
your swimsuits (not towels though) to carry home without dripping through the contents of your swim bag.  

We have been exceptionally lucky to have had enough lifeguards this season to keep the pool staffed and open for the hours we advertise.  However, due to travel restrictions of foreign guards, and that almost all current lifeguards are high-school or college students, our pool company cannot supply enough lifeguards for the last two weeks of summer. Therefore we have to accept some minor changes to our pool hours of operation.
The changes affect Monday thru Friday August 23rd to 27th , and Monday thru Friday August 30th to September 3rd. The pool will open from 4pm-9pm (not 1pm-9pm as was originally scheduled when school is in session).
Again, this is weekdays only.  Weekends will remain as always – 11am-9pm. We appreciate your understanding, and we consider it fortunate we are able to stay open when many pools are closing
because of this staffing shortage.

Plans are afoot for our Summerfest Adult Party, moved from mid-July this year to SATURDAY, August  28th. Mark your calendar and book your babysitter – we are planning a ‘Brats, Butts & Beer’ party to celebrate the fabulous summer we have enjoyed, and see it out in style.
Food and beverages available from 6pm, at a cost of $20 per person.  A bargain price for a fabulous opportunity to mix and mingle with friends, neighbors and your ‘pool pals’

The August Bingo event? – watch this space for details next week…
The firewood being split and stacked at the back of the pool area?  This is going to be up for sale in October.  Watch this space for details and great prices on firewood perfect for 2022.
(Yes, it may need to age for a while, although it will be fine to use on an already established fire…)

Stay Cool
See you at the Pool