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Cool Pool News 2024 – No. 6

Summer’s here, the pool’s in sight,Excitement builds, the mood is bright.Come lend a hand, let’s make it shine,Meet old friends, and new ones align.Dive in, let’s have a splendid time! OPENING DAY! – THIS SATURDAY!!The pool opens this Saturday at 11 a.m. – come on out to see who will be […]

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Cool Pool News – 2024 – No. 5

Final Pre-Season Workday – THIS SATURDAY, MAY 18 Thank you to Robyn Leersnyder, our workday “captain,” and all the hard-working volunteers who came to help at last week’s workday! These volunteers made good progress on getting the pool ready for Opening Day – but there is still […]

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Food Truck Friday – Himalayan Soul Food

Close up the kitchen and come on out to support a local small business and enjoy authentic Himalayan regional cuisine featuring MOMO’s – popularly known as dumplings, a favorite finger food of people in Nepal! Select from pork, chicken, or vegetable – mild or spicy. The truck […]

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Cool Pool News 2024 Vol. 4

Food Truck Friday – Little Lady Grill – CANCELLED Don’t miss out on this week’s food truck, Little Lady Grill, in the Broyhill Crest Pool parking lot¬†on Friday (5/10) from 5-7:30 p.m.¬†featuring Latin Fusion Grill delights. Select from several grilled platters: chicken, salmon, portobello¬†mushrooms, pesto shrimp; as […]

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COOL POOL NEWS-2023-No. 17

Well, it’s really over The pool is closed until next May But there’s still an opportunity To help at the Closing work day… ¬† We need volunteers with muscles Ready to stack tables and chairs Just bring a happy demeanor As we pack away our wares…. ¬† […]

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