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CPN 3 – Socials, Float Nights and Volunteers!

It’s finally here – summertime fun
And the pool is open for everyone
Activities are planned and ready to start
Please read this all and mark on your chart
(That’s a calendar for all you ‘oldies like me’)
And there’s lots happening at BCRC….

In chronological order:-

Thursday 10 June is LAST day of 1pm opening – then school is out!
From Friday 11 June, pool will be open 11am-9pm daily until school goes back, which we are not going to worry about right now!
One exception – Sunday July 4, pool will be open 11am-6pm, to give everyone an opportunity to go celebrate in the evening!

Every Friday all are welcome to come to Happy Hour in the Kathy’s Korner area of the pool.  Buy your dinner from the Food Truck, or bring in your own.  Grills available for use, too.
Bring a beverage of your choice – but please NO GLASS BOTTLES or GLASS BEVERAGE CONTAINERS – think ‘outside the box’ and you will never view the contents of a covered coffee mug again!
It’s a great way to begin the weekend, eating, drinking and chatting with old friends and new ones to make! Any time is Happy Hour, but crowds usually gather from around 6pm!

Beginning THIS Sunday 13 June, the pool will be open from 10am-11am for one hour of Adult Swim Time.  Anyone 18 or over is welcome to enjoy the pool, swim laps, or bring your Sunday paper and read.
This opportunity will continue every Sunday.  You have asked and we have responded – so here is your chance to catch up with friends or enjoy some quiet time in the neighborhood backyard! Depending on response, coffee and bagels may be included – just show your support and enjoy the adult swim time.

It’s back!  This Sunday – 13 June – join in the fun at Kathy’s Korner for Pizza and Bingo night.  Pizza will be available from 6pm, Bingo starts at 6.30pm.  And all for the bargain price of $1 a slice, and $1 per Bingo card (or 6 for $5!)  Free beverages – lemonade and iced tea – and prizes for the winners!  It’s simple, and it’s fun – and you don’t have to cook dinner! 

Yes – it’s returning!  Float night will begin this Tuesday 15 June.  For the uninitiated, you can bring any kind of float to the pool, and enjoy the fun and frivolity it provides from 7pm-8pm. If you don’t have a float, there are usually plenty of kids (big and small) willing to share.  And from 7.30pm-8.30pm, ice cream floats are available tor purchase – still at the bargain price of $1 each!

So, with all these activities starting up, and there will be more announced soon, we need VOLUNTEERS!  Plus, unless you paid the non-work fee, we do ask every family to fulfill their 6 hours of volunteer service (and more if you feel the urge!).  Now we have more opportunities available – lost and found laundry, float night servers, July 4th cooks and servers. 
Please check out the opportunities at 
and make these things happen.  Remember, it takes a village, and Broyhill Crest Pool is a wonderful place to spend the summer, when we all pitch in!

That’s it for now!
See you soon at our Cool Pool…:)