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Cool Pool News – 2022 – No. 11

 Hi All

It’s summer in Washington

And Annandale too

With lots happening

At the Cool Pool for you…

Your staycation is ongoing

Who needs to travel?

When a quick trip to the pool

Can help you unravel….


This week come on over to Broyhill Crest Pool to enjoy delicious, authentic Italian food from From Tuscany with Love Food Truck. They will be in the pool parking lot from 5-7:30pm serving up delicious pasta and Italian sandwiches. To pre-order use this link:  Select menu item to order.


All members are welcome to bring food and beverages to the pool, and hang with neighbors and friends to enjoy Happy hour from 6pm. The only rule – Please NO GLASS containers of any kind.  And no-one will every query the contents of a coffee mug…!!!

ADULT SWIM – SUNDAY, 10am-11am

Every Sunday morning from now until the end of the season, the Adult Swim time is available to all members, 18 years and over. Start your morning with a pleasant and peaceful swim at the pool.  Or bring up your Sunday paper and a coffee and enjoy a moment on the grounds.

It’s fun and it’s free!


Why cook when you can let someone else do the work?  Come enjoy the once-a-year NEW ORLEAN’S SHRIMP BOIL at Kathy’s Korner. Just $15 per person gets you shrimp, spicy potatoes, corn on the cob, cornbread and coleslaw.  And dessert too – bread pudding with whiskey sauce or watermelon.

(Let me tell you, the bread pudding is divine.  It’s a favorite of many, and disappears fast…)  Bring the kids too – hot dogs available if shrimp is “not their thing”

Beverages – a featured drink and wine – will be available for a donation.  

FLOAT NIGHT – Every Tuesday, 7pm

Every Tuesday, Float Night begins at 7pm.  This is an opportunity for anyone to bring an inflatable float into the pool, and enjoy fun, laughter and the odd ‘dunking’ with others. Floats are permitted in the pool from 7-8pm,  Ice cream floats are served at Kathy’s Korner from 7:30-8:15pm – still at the low price of $1 each. And if the weather does not cooperate on a Tuesday, Float Night is held the very next evening (Wednesday)  


SATURDAY,  July 23 – Swim Divisionals 

Please note, the final 2022 event for our mighty Barracudas swim team is Divisionals, to be held at our pool. This is the competition where the top swimmers from all six pools in our division, compete for the Divisional titles.  It’s a wonderful event, requiring massive coordination, and hundreds of swimmers at the pool.  The event begins at 8am and should be over by 2pm.  The pool will open to members at the conclusion of the competition.

All are welcome to come and support these swimmers as they wrap up the 6-week swim season.  Food will be available for purchase in Kathy’s Korner, and there’s plenty of room to view, support and cheer for the swimmers.  Please note, parking around the pool area will be challenging for a few hours.  Lots of cars and lots of kids – please take care when driving in the area, and have patience and understanding for the duration.  

BINGO NIGHT — The second one of the season will be held Sunday, July 24, 6pm.  

It’s CHRISTMAS IN JULY Bingo – with fabulous prizes with holiday themes (a variety of holidays!) or all kinds of gifts you would never buy for yourself, but will wonder how you ever got by without them.  They are fabulous!!!  Pizza dinner at 6pm, games start 6.30pm.  Details next week – everything is $1…. (not $1.25 like the Dollar Store!!)

SUMMERFEST – Saturday, July 30 , 6pm-10pm

Are you ready for a night out without the kids?  Or simply looking for a fun adult party right in the neighborhood?  One where you can bring your friends to – members or non-members alike?

Summerfest is the answer – Brats, butts and beer – dinner, dessert, drinks, live music, swimming til 11pm, and lots of fun – for just $25 per person.  If you live nearby, you can walk to the pool and save on an Uber!  Organize the babysitter now, and get ready to enjoy some adult time with friends, and a chance to meet new people too!

July 4th Photos

If you enjoyed the festivities at the pool on July 4th, check out the website  Click on the categories below the pictures on the front page. You may find a wonderful moment of a family member or friend captured there.  A big thanks to our new member, John St. Hilaire, who volunteered to take these photos and make them available to all.


With so many new members, it is understandable that the rules sometimes are not known,  So this is the place to enlighten you of our pool rules, and a gentle reminder for those who know but ‘forget’

1)  Please no eating on the deck.  That means at any tables or at chairs inside the pool deck area, which is anywhere inside the chain-link fence that surrounds the pool area, including in the baby pool area.

This is for many reasons – health code, keeping the pools free of residue food and trash, and keeping the bees away from the pool deck area.  We are lucky to have an area surrounded by trees and plants, which means bees and bugs too.  WATER ONLY is allowed to be consumed on the pool deck.  Food is welcomed and permitted anywhere outside the chain-link fence – Kathy’s Korner, at the tables behind the deep end, in the pavilion, anywhere on the grass areas.  

2)  Please supervise your children in the baby pool.  No children should EVER be in the baby pool area unattended.  There MUST be an adult in with them at all times.  The baby pool area is not guarded by the lifeguards, and if there was a problem, the access to the area takes time.  You MUST supervise your children in the baby pool area.  Unfortunately there have been many times when children are in there alone.  Children will be told by the guards to get out of the water if this continues to happen.  The guards are not expected to locate the parents.  The safety of the children comes first.

We are a friendly pool, and if you need to leave your child for a moment, just ask someone in the area to keep an eye on them.  Many are happy to do that.  Just don’t leave them alone.

3)  Just interesting to know – there is a now rather large assortment of LOST AND FOUND items , stacked in two baskets on the pool deck outside the ladies room.  Please take a look through them as you enter or exit.  You may be surprised to find things you didn’t know you had lost….  

Stay cool

See you at the pool