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Cool Pool News – 2022 – No. 12

Hi All- 

Yes, it’s hot
The air is thick with heat
But there is one place
Where you’ve got it beat…
The Neighborhood backyard
Cool waters and warm sun
It’s the best place, so often said…

FOOD TRUCK FRIDAY – Pako’s Fresh Mex – JULY 22

Come on out and enjoy delicious authentic Mexican delights from Pako’s Fresh Mex food truck, Friday, July 22 (a change from originally advertised!) from 5-7:30pm in the pool parking lot. Pre-orders will be accepted. Go to

So skip the dishes and enjoy dinner at Kathy’s Korner in your neighborhood backyard.


All members are welcome to bring food and beverages to the pool, and hang with neighbors and friends to enjoy Happy Hour from 6pm.The only rule – Please NO GLASS containers of any kind.  And no-one will every query the contents of a coffee mug…!!!

THIS SATURDAY, July 23 – Swim Divisionals at our pool 

The final 2022 event for our mighty Barracudas swim team is Divisionals, which we are hosting this year. This competition pits the top swimmers from all six pools in our division for Divisional titles.  It’s a wonderful event, requiring massive coordination, and hundreds of swimmers at the pool.  The event begins at 8 am and should be over by 2 pm.  The pool will open to members at the conclusion of the competition.

All are welcome to come and support these swimmers as they wrap up the 6-week swim season.  Food will be available for purchase in Kathy’s Korner, and there’s plenty of room to view, support and cheer for the swimmers.  Please note, parking around the pool area will be challenging for a few hours.  Lots of cars and lots of kids – please take care when driving in the area, and have patience and understanding for the duration.  


The second bingo evening of the season is happening!  Great prizes with holiday themes (a variety of holidays!) and/or all kinds of gifts you would never buy for yourself, but will wonder how you ever got by without them.  They are fabulous!!!  

Pizza dinner at 6pm, games start 6:30pm.  

Everything $1 – pizza slice, bowl of salad, frozen dessert treats and each game of Bingo (we will play 10 games…)  Cool swim before and after – FREE!!!

ADULT SWIM – SUNDAY, 10am-11am

Every Sunday morning from now until the end of the season, the Adult Swim time is available to all members, 18 years and over.

Start your morning with a pleasant and peaceful swim at the pool.  Or bring up your Sunday paper and a coffee and enjoy a moment on the grounds.

It’s fun and it’s free!

FLOAT NIGHT – Every Tuesday, 7pm

Every Tuesday, Float Night begins at 7pm.  This is an opportunity for anyone to bring an inflatable float into the pool, and enjoy fun, laughter and the odd ‘dunking’ with others.

Floats are permitted in the pool from 7-8pm,  Ice cream floats are served at Kathy’s Korner from 7:30-8:15pm – still at the inflation-proof low price of $1 each. And if the weather does not cooperate 

on a Tuesday, Float Night is held the very next evening (Wednesday)  

SUMMERFEST – Saturday July 30, 6pm-11pm

This Adult Party is fast approaching!  But we need volunteers to get the food ready!  Roasting prep begins Friday evening and continues throughout the night.  

A fun way to meet neighbors and bond with friends, while keeping the fires stoked – and enjoy a beverage or two throughout the night…  Please volunteer to help out!

Click the VOLUNTEER box on the website – – sign up and become part of this annual tradition!  Uncooked pork may not be so popular…please help!

There are also a few volunteer spots left to fill, to provide side dishes.  So plan to attend and enjoy this wonderful neighborhood event, open to all adults 18 and over – members and non-members of the pool are welcome.  $25 per person for dinner, dessert, live music, and beverages …pay at the door with cash, check or Venmo…


With so many new members, it is understandable that the rules sometimes are not known,  So this is the place to enlighten you of our pool rules, and a gentle reminder for those who know but ‘forget’

1) Please do not unplug anything, in any outlet, to charge your phone.  Equipment is plugged in for a reason and having two fridges unplugged recently caused the loss of several hundred dollars with of food and supplies for pool events.  We try to keep our membership prices affordable, but things like this make it challenging…  Please be considerate and use common sense.

2) Please consider shorter showers in the changing rooms.  Often unsupervised children spend a good part of their hourly break in them, using an unnecessary amount of hot water, and energy.

Often others are waiting.  Just keep an eye and ear on your kids, and have them enjoy a quick rinse off or warm up.  

3) Please supervise your children in the baby pool.  No children should EVER be in the baby pool area unattended.  There MUST be an adult in with them at all times.  The baby pool area is not

guarded by the lifeguards, and if there were a problem, the access to the area takes time.  You MUST supervise your children in the baby pool area.  Unfortunately, there have been many times when children are in there alone.  Children will be told by the guards to get out of the water if this continues to happen.  The guards are not expected to locate the parents.  The safety of the children comes first.

We are a friendly pool, and if you need to leave your child for a moment, just ask someone in the area to keep an eye on them.  Many are happy to do that.  Just don’t leave them alone.

Stay cool

See you at the pool…