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Cool Pool News – 2022 – No. 19

Almost Here! —WORK DAY— Saturday, Sept. 10

Renovations are coming! We need you this Saturday, September 10 — 9am-1pm to help move everything on the pool deck, the office and in Kathy’s Korner down to the pavilion and volleyball court. It’s a hearty job that requires many hands and muscles to complete. Did you complete your volunteer hours for the season? Regardless, here’s your final chance to check-off that Good Samaritan box for 2022. Any time you can donate is greatly appreciated. Questions, contact VP Dan Gushue at
ANNUAL WOOD Sale— Saturday, Nov. 5
On Saturday, November 5 from 9am – 1pm, Oak firewood, seasoned for 1-1/2 years, will be available for purchase. At $40 for a loaded wheel barrel (approx. 1/8 cord), this is easily 1/2 the price of retail. Payments can be made at pickup by cash or Venmo. Pre-order requests are encouraged by emailing with your order.