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Cool Pool News – 2022 – No. 6

School is almost out,
Soon, the final bell will ring
Ensuring summer is almost here
And the Cool Pool will be in full swing…

Lots of things start up for the season
So please read closely here
To know the rules and join in the fun
We plan to provide good times and cheer…
POPSICLE PARTY – This Friday June 10
Let’s celebrate the start of long days at the pool, with the traditional Popsicle Party!  Show up to Kathy’s Korner between 6-8 ipm, and enjoy a FREE popsicle.  Available to kids aged 1-100!!


Relax and unwind this Sunday, with dinner and games at the pool.  It’s Pizza and Bingo.  Everything is $1 – slice of pizza, bowl of salad, frozen dessert delights…
Plus, play Bingo for $1 per game (10 games will be played)  Great prizes and lots of fun!  Pizza served at 6pm, games will begin at 6:30 pm.  Start the summer with a smile!
No pre-booking, just show up with some cash – at Kathy’s Korner…

FLOAT NIGHT – Tuesday June 14 – First one of the 2022 season
Every Tuesday through the summer season, Float Night is held.  This is an opportunity for anyone to bring an inflatable float into the pool, and enjoy fun, laughter and the odd ‘dunking’ with others. Floats are permitted in the pool from 7-8 pm. And, there’s even an air compressor available on the pool deck, should your lungs not provide sufficient power!  
Ice cream floats are served at Kathy’s Korner from 7:30-8:15 pm every Tuesday – still at the low price of $1 each!  Rain date for float night is always the next evening, if cancellation of Tuesday is required due to weather…

Mark your calendars, and watch for details next week.  
TODDLER PARTY – for ages 2–4 years, at the pool Saturday 18 June, 4-6 pm.

Beginning Friday June 10, the pool will be open 11 am-9 pm daily.  However, when there is a home swim meet, the pool will open by noon, or as soon as the meet has been completed. There are three home meets this year, and the first is Saturday, June 18 – so please note, the pool will open slightly later that Saturday.  All members are welcome to enter the pool grounds and cheer for our awesome Barracudas Swim Team!

1)  Inflatable floats are only permitted at Float Night on Tuesday evenings.  As you can understand, it is for the safety of all swimmers and our lifeguards that the pool area is unobstructed by floats.

2) Water guns, and squirt guns are permitted in the grass areas only.  There are many members, of all ages, enjoying our pool and we like to keep it safe for all.  Water guns on the deck can cause slippery surfaces, and there are also many electronic devices in these areas (phones, iPads, computers)  that need to be kept dry.

3)  Please show courtesy to all members.  Sometimes children like to gather around the pool steps, but this blocks the area for other members who need to use them to enter and exit the pool. If your children are old enough to be in the pool by themselves, please make them aware of this. 

4) If any child needs floaties of any kind, they must be accompanied, in the water, by an adult, that is no further than an arms length away.

Our goal at our Cool Pool is that everyone enjoys their time in the water and on the grounds.  These rules are being printed simply because we are aware there are many new members who are not aware of them, and we completely understand, and plan to gently enlighten!  Patience, courtesy and fun for all.

See you at our Neighborhood Back Yard…