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Cool Pool News – 2022 – No. 7

Officially summer is one week away
But the activities have already begun
Please read all the info below
To learn of all the fun in the sun…

HAPPY HOUR – Every Friday!
Members feel free to bring your food up to Kathy’s Korner (along with your favorite beverage – NO GLASS please), hang with your neighbors and enjoy Happy Hour!!!

SWIM MEET – Saturday June 18
The first home swim meet will be held at the pool from 8 am-1 pm.  The pool will open to members as soon as the swim meet is over, which is often just after noon…  
All are welcome to come to the grounds and cheer on our mighty Barracudas swim team at the first meet of the season.  Grab lunch at the snack bar, and then stay to enjoy the afternoon at our Cool Pool…

TODDLER PARTY – Saturday June 18
We bring joy to all ages!  This Saturday, bring your toddler to the first party of the season.  Join in the fun down by the pavilion from 3-5 pm, open to ages 2-4 years (nobody will be carding them!).
There will be fun and games, and snacks and beverages.  A great chance for your toddler to make friends, and the grown ups to connect too!  No pre-booking necessary!
Just show up and support the hard work of the volunteer organizer!

FLOAT NIGHT – Tuesday June 21
Every Tuesday through the summer season, Float Night is held.  This is an opportunity for anyone to bring an inflatable float into the pool, and enjoy fun, laughter and the odd ‘dunking’ with others.
Floats are permitted in the pool from 7-8 pm. And, there’s even an air compressor available on the pool deck, should your lungs not provide sufficient power!  Ice cream floats are served at Kathy’s Korner from 7.30-8.15 pm every Tuesday – still at the low price of $1 each!  Rain date for float night is always the next evening, if cancellation of Tuesday is required due to weather…

Please be aware that our swim team practices every weekday morning before the pool opens at 11 am,  However, every Tuesday and Thursday from now through the end of July, the swim team will be having stroke clinics from 4-5.30 pm.   They will be using two lanes of the pool, but there will always be a lap lane open and available to members.  The remaining half of the pool will be available to all, for general fun and frivolity! 

We have had some reports that people are seeing ticks on their kids after being on the pool grounds.  There is no guarantee these are from our pool (ticks don’t have return addresses!) but just be vigilant.  Beautiful trees and grassy areas do come with the risk of bugs, mosquitoes and potentially ticks – it’s Mother Nature at work!  

This is a reminder that Covid-19 protocols still exist, and we request that members and guests follow the latest guidance from the CDC. These most current guidance can be found here.

1)  Only lifeguards are allowed to walk up the small walkway between the deep end of the baby pool and the lap lane in the big pool.  It’s an access way for them only.  All members are reminded
to walk around the pool deck to get to the diving board area
2)  Please keep the stairs to the big pool clear of kids and clutter (shoes, towels etc)  We want everyone to feel safe and comfortable getting in and out of the water, and for many, that means
access to the hand rails
3)  Did you know we have a swimsuit spinner that (almost completely) dries your swimsuit before you take it home? At the pavilion end of the pool house, to the left of the two fish painted storage doors,
there is a spinner attached to the wall.  Simply place your wet swimsuit (removed from your body – haha!) in the spinner and hold the lid down firmly until spinner stops.  It starts and stops automatically.
And voila – a dry swimsuit!  This is for swimsuits only – no towels, or clothing, and it’s very useful – the things you learn….  

Our goal at our Cool Pool is that everyone enjoys their time in the water and on the grounds.  These rules and information snippets are being printed simply because we are aware there are many new members who are not
aware of them, and we completely understand, and plan to gently enlighten!  Patience, courtesy and fun for all.

See you at our Neighborhood Back Yard…