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Cool Pool News – 2022 – No. 8

So, we’ve passed the summer solstice
And warm weather is truly here
The pool is open, and activities planned
Aren’t you glad our Cool Pool is so near?…

There are so many events coming up
As the calendar already shows
Please read on and make a note
To join in – and keep in the know…

HAPPY HOUR – Every Friday!
Members feel free to bring your food up to Kathy’s Korner (along with your favorite beverage – NO GLASS please), hang with your neighbors and enjoy Happy Hour!!!

FLOAT NIGHT – Tuesday, June 28
Every Tuesday through the summer season, Float Night is held. This is an opportunity for anyone to bring an inflatable float into the pool, and enjoy fun, laughter, and the odd ‘dunking’ with others.
Floats are permitted in the pool from 7-8 p.m. And there’s even an air compressor available on the pool deck, should your lungs not provide sufficient power!
Ice cream floats are served at Kathy’s Korner from 7:30-8:15 p.m. every Tuesday – still at the low price of $1 each! Rain date for float night is always the next evening, if cancellation of Tuesday is required due to weather…

BIKE DECORATING – Sunday, July 3
With Independence Day fast looming, get your kids ready to enter the traditional bike parade on July 4th. It you need help or incentive, bring the kids and their bikes to the pavilion on Sunday, July 3,
anytime between 1-4 p.m., to decorate their bikes. We’ll have a few decorations to start with and welcome you to bring your own to share with others. Lots of tape at the ready! And you can leave
the finished products in the pavilion ready for the big event the next day!

RED, WHITE & BLUE – PARTY TIME – Monday, July 4
The pool opens at 11 a.m., and as is our tradition, from noon-4 p.m. the pool is open for free to all members of the community. Swimming and sunbathing available to all – plus lunch can be purchased in the pavilion; plus, the annual bike parade at 1 p.m., followed by water games and the greased watermelon competition. If you plan to attend, we look forward to seeing you. And if you love uncooked hamburgers and cold hot dogs, you’ve found the right place…. please, we need volunteers to sign up to cook, set-up and package food, sell food and clean up afterwards. Food will be served from noon-2 p.m. – if people volunteer!
Step up please – the ‘oldies’ are aging out – we’ve given it 15 years or so, and some new fresh faces would be welcomed. It doesn’t take much, and you can still spend time with your family.
Volunteering is good for the soul – don’t be that person that says “someone else can do it” – be that someone! Check the website to sign up – please.

SUMMERFEST – Saturday, July 30
Mark your calendar and get the babysitter lined up! This is the night of our annual Summerfest, where you can enjoy an evening with friends and neighbors, open to anyone 18 and over.
There is a delicious dinner of BBQ, salads, and sides, plus dessert, and a bottomless beverage cup. Plus, live music to enjoy or dance to! All for a very reasonable price of $25 per person.
If you live nearby, you can walk to the pool and no need to Uber! More details to come but save the date. It really is a lovely time to mingle with friends and make new ones. There are so many new faces at the pool these days, and we’d love to get to know you better (without having to chase after the kids!!!)

Please be aware that our swim team practices every weekday morning before the pool opens at 11am, However, every Tuesday and Thursday from now through the end of July, the swim team will be having stroke clinics from 4-5:30 p.m. They will be using two lanes of the pool, but there will always be a lap lane open and available to members. The remaining half of the pool will be available to all, for general fun and frivolity!

Please be aware that COVID has not left the community. Positivity rates remain high in Fairfax County (close to 17%). We ask that you do not use the pool facilities if you are experiencing any COVID-like symptoms. Unless you test, your guess that “it’s just a cold,” could be all wrong, and you may end up exposing other pool members to the virus. For now, we do not require that members and guests wear masks while on the pool deck, but you are free to use masks for your protection and the protection of others.

We have had some reports that people are seeing ticks on their kids after being on the pool grounds. There is no guarantee these are from our pool (ticks don’t have return addresses!)
but just be vigilant. Beautiful trees and grassy areas do come with the risk of bugs, mosquitoes and potentially ticks – it’s Mother Nature at work!

1) The Baby Pool is open to all children 6 & under. However, children MUST BE SUPERVISED when in the pool area. An adult MUST BE PRESENT in the pool area with the child/children. If children are observed in the baby pool alone, they will be asked to get out until an adult is located, and who must remain in the pool area with them.
2) The fountains in the Baby Pool area are certainly enjoyed. However, please monitor your children. It is fun to block one or two fountain heads, to have the water shoot high, but blocking all of them at the same time will break them. If kids are not being monitored and block them, the guards will turn them off. Please be kind to our pool equipment!
3) Lost and found – there are two bins outside on the benches in front of the women’s changing room. They are bins of all manner of lost and found items. Please check them periodically as it has been known to happen, that you may find one of your best bath towels in them, that you had no idea your ‘darlings’ had brought to the pool! Or that one odd shoe that you’ve been looking for under the couch at home….

Our goal at our Cool Pool is that everyone enjoys their time in the water and on the grounds. These rules and information snippets are being printed simply because we are aware there are many new members who are not aware of them, and we completely understand kand plan to gently enlighten! Patience, courtesy, and fun for all.

See you at our Neighborhood Back Yard…