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Cool Pool News – 2023 – No. 10

The weather is hot.
And the pool is cool.
Every day it is open.
And never over-full

Some come cool down.
And enjoy some time alone.
Warm sun, cool shade
And a few moments off of your phone…

NEW WEBSITE!  We are live again!
Please note the change to our pool website –
All the same information available – and updated regularly!

Adult Summerfest at the pool is fast approaching –¬†
Saturday, July 29 from 6pm,
Bring your friends and family (Adults only) to the pavilion. $25 gets you entry to the party of the summer!¬† Food (pig roast), side dishes, desserts, beverages with a bottomless cup provided, live musical entertainment and a chance to make new friends or catch up with others.¬† Get your babysitter organized now!¬† Come support the pool members who “give their all” in the preparation of this event.¬† Proceeds to fund the new pool house renovations, which we hope you are all enjoying!

FOOD TRUCK FRIDAY – Himalayan Soul Food
Take a trip to the Himalayas…and enjoy tasty treats from Himalayan Soul Foods Food Truck,¬†Friday, July 21 from 5-7:30pm. Walk ups are welcome, but pre-orders are strongly encouraged:

No dishes, no clean up…just good food to enjoy with friends at Kathy’s Korner while supporting a local small business! Look forward to seeing you at our very cool pool.
Sunday, August 6, 11am-1pm РToddler Party at the pool
Sunday, August 13, 11am-1pm РKids Party at the pool (ages 6-8 years)
Free to members, no sign up necessary.  Come support our volunteers who are making these happen, after several gap years!  Games, fun and food!

Open weekdays 12 noon-2pm.¬† Hamburgers, hotdogs, snacks galore.¬† Please support this merry band of volunteers who are making this happen!¬† And, be prepared, RICARDO’S may open Saturday – a surprise treat to enjoy.¬† CASH ONLY – check it out at Kathy’s Korner!

There is a TON of lost and found items in bins on the bench in front of the Ladies bathroom.¬† You may not think any of it belongs to you but check it out…if you are missing one of your favorite bath towels, it could well be there!¬† If your kids are running low on clothes, it may be because much of their summer clothing is residing at the pool!¬† You don’t know it’s missing, until you look…

Every Sunday, the pool opens¬†from 10am-11am, for Adult Swim time!¬† Come enjoy the peace and quiet, bring a book and coffee, and “take the waters‚ÄĚ as you wish!¬†¬†

Please note NEW website –¬†¬†
Please plan to attend SUMMERFEST Adult Party –¬†Saturday, July 29
Please support Toddler & Kids Parties in August
Come eat lunch at Ricardo’s
Check Lost & Found for things you didn’t know were missing…
Adult swim – peace and quiet – just say ahhhhhhh….!!!

There are so many volunteers working for you at the pool, and your support is welcomed, and necessary, to ensure the continuation of these events.

See you in the water…