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Cool Pool News – 2023 – No. 14

August is winding down
With not so many people out of town
A few weeks of pool time still left.
So, get there quick, don’t feel bereft!

FOOD TRUCK FRIDAY – August 18, 5pm – 7:30pm
With the warm weather, Broyhill Crest Pool is proud to offer up island treats from the Island Favourites food truck this week. Everyone is sure to find the perfect meal or sweet drink from their eclectic menu.
No pre-order information is available at this time but keep a lookout for any updates.

Our Volunteers are on Vacation this weekend (how dare they??!!!) but you will have one last weekend to enjoy the delicious delights – hotdogs, hamburgers, snacks, chips, ice cream and more… Ricardo’s will be closed¬†August 19th¬†& 20th but¬†open on Saturday and¬†Sunday August 26th¬†& 27th¬†1pm-5pm. CASH ONLY.¬† Please understand, this is the sellout weekend, so hamburgers served on hotdog buns may become the new ‘thing’!!!¬† Thank you for your support of Ricardo’s this season!

The tradition continues for two more Tuesdays (August 22nd & 29th)!  Bring your Float to the pool Рany size, any design Рand enjoy the chaos with friends and family.  Ice cream floats will be served from 7.30-8.15pm Рjust $1 each.  

Support our mighty Barracudas swim team – Support the Spirit Day at Chick-fil-A¬†on Wednesday August 23rd. Support the Broyhill Crest Barracudas Swim Team by using the word “barracudas” at check out or online when using the Chick-fil-A One app! Only at the Annandale location.

Please feel free to check the baskets on the benches outside the guard house.¬† Lots of lost and found items are now available to all – ‘Take what you can use, leave what you don’t need”…¬† It’s worth a look.¬† It appears it is not only kids who leave things at the pool – several adult sized swim trunks and swimsuits are also there.¬† So, if you’ve been wondering where your swimsuit it, and think “it will show up in the house somewhere” – check at the pool!!!¬† And you know your kids will grow and need a new swimsuit next year…. there’s several to choose from. Clothing and pool toys too!¬† All unclaimed items are donated at the end of the summer.¬†

A friendly reminder that any type of glass (bottles, jars, etc.) are not allowed on the pool grounds at any time. We have had 2 reported incidents of glass breaking at the pool this summer. Luckily, no one suffered any injuries. PLEASE, pour your favorite drinks into break-proof containers before bringing them into the pool.

Every year our lifeguards spend countless hours keeping all of us safe and keeping our pool grounds clean. Not an easy task given the debris that falls from our lovely trees. This year the board decided to open up a GoFundMe page for anyone who wishes to support our guards on their future endeavors. Any money collected will be split evenly among our treasured staff.

We don’t like to think about it, but the closing workday is looming large –¬†SATURDAY 9 September, 9am-1pm.
Please plan to be there with work gloves and ready to “stack and pack” – the more the merrier, and the quicker the work is completed!¬†¬†

See you at the pool – before it gets cool!