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Cool Pool News – 2023 – No. 5

The pool has opened to great fanfare
With everything looking fresh and new
The bath house and the pool surround
If you haven’t seen it yet, we hope you soon do!
It’s the summer of 2023
Already opened and underway
Read all the info below and enjoy the fun
All you have to do is join, and pay…

Welcome all, to our neighborhood back yard, with weeks ahead of fun times, casual relaxation and meeting friends, old and new, at the Broyhill Crest Pool. A brand new accessible pool house welcomes you, and the pool tiles and surrounding coping stones have been replaced and refreshed.  It’s been a huge undertaking for our pool board, with particular thanks to Erin Donovan and Beverly Schlotterbeck who took the lead and made it happen.  We Got It Built!

Things happening this week:-

BC Barracudas Swim Team is open for registration!  Not sure?  Come check out a practice after school this week and meet the head coach, Coach Eric, and Coach Teagan and Coach Marisa, the assistants.  The only requirement is that you can swim safely across the pool.  Coaches can teach all strokes.  For more information and practice schedule, check out the team website 

For all pool members, please note the swim team will be using two lanes in the pool every weekday afternoon until end of school on June 16. These practices are held from 4:45pm-7pm.  The lap lane and the remaining half of the big pool will remain open and available for all.  (The baby pool remains open at all times)  Once FCPS is out, swim practice takes place every morning, before the pool opens. Please encourage and support our swim team – it truly is an inspiring organization to be part of.

Every Friday, a food truck is scheduled to be in the pool parking lot from 5pm-7:30pm.  It is open to all.  Details are on the pool website at
This week,  enjoy dinner from Supreme Kabob Food Truck.  Enjoy treats like kabobs, falafel, gyros and more!  To order ahead, go to  Walk ups are also welcome, but pre-orders are encouraged!

Come enjoy the first Happy Hour of the season.  Grab dinner from the food truck, or bring your own, and join with others in the dining area around Kathy’s Korner.  Bring your own beverage, but NO GLASS please.  That’s no GLASS BOTTLES,
and no GLASS beverage containers.  Travel mugs work very well for all kinds of liquids 🙂  Happy Hour starts at 6pm, but you can be happy at the pool any time!!

After a 6-year hiatus, Ricardo’s Lunch bar at Kathy’s Korner will be reopening on Monday, June 19.  It will be open Monday-Friday from 12 noon – 2:15pm, selling all the summertime delights – hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza, mac ‘n cheese, sweet treats, and unexpected surprises!  Menu and price list will be available soon.  Cash only!  Watch this space…

If you are new to the pool, or just need a refresher course on Pool Rules, please take a look at the Cool Pool News board outside the lifeguards office on the pool deck.  It is the colorful chaos, but full of interesting information.  And please do not hesitate to ask about rules.  Our objective is to have a happy and safe summer for all.

The Pool Board is actively recruiting new board members, and if you are asked, if you would like to find out more, or if you would like to volunteer to join, please consider it seriously and talk to any board member.  After this summer, we may not even have enough board members for a quorum, and that is dire!  At the opening day picnic, over 175 people were served a free meal, and every single volunteer (with the exception of our President!) was over 60, and officially not even required to have to work any volunteer hours.  And of all the volunteers with children, the youngest are already in college.  It is truly time for the next generation to step up – no excuses.  We all have jobs, both work, or have (had) young kids.  The time is a maximum 2 hours a month for monthly meetings, and a little more over the three months of summer.  Volunteering is good for the soul, and necessary for the pool to stay in operation.  Not kidding here…

Looking forward to seeing you 
It’s Summertime – Yahoo!!!