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Cool Pool News – 2023 – No. 6

Hope your summer is going well 
As we enter into week two
And the kids have yet to whine
“I’m bored, there’s nothing to do”…

So much happening at the pool
And information you need to know
We love sharing our “neighborhood back yard”
Please read on, before you next go…

Every Friday, a food truck is scheduled to be at the pool, serving dinner options open to all.
And, if you are a member of the pool, you are welcome to bring your dinner into the pool grounds, and dine “al fresco” with family and friends.  Bring your own beverage – just NO GLASS please – and join for Happy Hour from 6pm.

This week, we welcome NOMZ TRUCK. Get ready for a culinary adventure as the NOMZ TRUCK rolls into town Friday, June 9 from 4-7:30 pm 

If you’re a fan of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine, then you’ll definitely want to try the Chicken & Lamb Kabob Platter served with delicate Saffron Rice. The dish is an explosion of flavors that will leave you craving for more.  Everything on the truck is made with super-fresh ingredients and cooked to perfection.

NOMZ TRUCK relies heavily on “online preorders”…
⚠ Preorder link will remain available throughout the week and on the day off 
1. Go to this site: NOMZTRUCK.COM
3. BE SURE to CONFIRM your pick-up date and the address as the “pickup location”…
4. Click the “clock” icon to choose your preferred pick-up time.
5. Select desired items and click “Add to Order”
6. Click check out. Complete the details section (payment info). Enter your cell number to get alerts when your meal is ready.
7. Review and then DON’T FORGET to hit THE SUBMIT BUTTON

Thank you for supporting a small food truck business!


First float night will be on Tuesday 20 June.  And there is a new addition this year – from 6pm-7pm, pizza by-the-slice will be sold in Kathy’s Korner with all proceeds supporting the Barracudas Swim Team.  Come up for dinner, bring your float, and get prepared to jump in from 7pm-8pm for Float night.  A compressor is also available if your lungs aren’t willing to inflate the huge floats we enjoy!  And from 7.30pm-8.15pm, enjoy an ice cream float, still at the low price of just $1.


Check out the sign up genius on the website at to work your volunteer hours to serve floats on Float Night.  But there is a catch…..without ice-cream and sodas, there is no float night.  But there is an opportunity available for someone to stock the fridge and freezer with ice-cream and sodas – that’s all.  Keep it topped up through the season.   Please consider signing up for this position.  It’s easy – and volunteering is good for the soul.


The Pool Board is looking for a CPA – perhaps you are a member, who could help us.  Or know of someone who could help us?  We need help with advice and counsel, and help with taxes for a not-for-profit business.  If this sounds like something you could help us with, please contact our president, Erin Donovan (  Please consider offering your assistance or recommendations.


This is a personal request from your Pool Board.  We have worked behind the scenes tirelessly and frantically, to get the pool renovation completed for Opening Day.  This comes at a price – over $400,000.  If you spent that on a home renovation, you would hope and expect that everyone respect the investment you had made.  And we hope for the same – we refer to the Broyhill Crest Pool as our “neighborhood back yard” and we ask that you respect it as you would your own property.

In the first week of opening we have dealt with many issues on our brand-new facility (read between the lines here..) 


DO NOT clog the toilets with too much paper.

DO NOT FOOT FLUSH the toilets – the handle installed will not work with that application, and it WILL BREAK

DO NOT have more than one person sit on the disabled seat in the shower.  It is  NOT a seat to play on and has a load limit.

DO NOT have more than two people on the Slack Line at any time.  It is there for kids to enjoy, but not overload…

DO NOT sit on the Ping Pong table.  We have a new one this year, not as sturdy as the previous one.  Enjoy it, play on it, but, please, no sitting on it!

And PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY when entering or exiting the pool.  There are families living in the surrounding homes, and children on bicycles riding to and from the pool.  Some cars speed up and down Early Street when heading to and from the pool.  Please SLOW DOWN – everyone wants to enjoy this summer.  Be courteous to the people in the neighborhood and “we can all get along”…

We are all excited for the pool to be open.  Let us please just have Respect For All – people and property – for everyone to enjoy in the years to come!

See you at our Cool Pool – where fun and sun rules…!!!