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Cool Pool NEWS – 2023 – No. 15

There’s a wee nip in the air
As summer winds down
But there is time, and a place
To turn the frown upside-down

Two more weeks 
Of summer fun
Before closing day
No more pool and sun…

But there’s always …
This weekend is your final chance to enjoy the fine dining experience available at Ricardo’s, in Kathy’s Korner.
Open this Saturday August 26th, from 1-5pm (and possibly Sunday 1-5pm depending on supplies left) – hotdogs, hamburgers, snacks, chips, ice cream and more… CASH ONLY.  Please understand, this is the sellout weekend, so hamburgers served on hotdog buns may become the new ‘thing’!!!  Lots of treats currently available!  Thank you for your support of Ricardo’s this season!

The tradition continues for one more Tuesday – August 29th!  Bring your Float to the pool – any size, any design – and enjoy the chaos with friends and family. Make a night of it and enjoy pizza, available from 6-7pm at Kathy’s Korner, with proceeds supporting the Barracudas Swim Team. Ice cream floats will be served from 7.30-8.15pm – just $1 each.  

Please feel free to check the baskets on the benches outside the guard house.  Lots of lost and found items are now available to all – ‘Take what you can use, Leave what you don’t need”…  It’s worth a look.  There seems to be something for everyone – all ages and sizes available for the taking!  Clothing, swimsuits and pool toys too!  All unclaimed items are donated at the end of the summer. 

Every year our lifeguards spend countless hours keeping all of us safe and keeping our pool grounds clean. Not an easy task given the debris that falls from our lovely trees. This year the board decided to open up a GoFundMe page for anyone who wishes to support our guards on their future endeavors. Any money collected will be split evenly among our treasured staff.

We are still in need of volunteers for our annual doggie swim. Please use the following link to help our puppies take a dip in our pool.

2023 Cool Pool Volunteers: Dog Swim (

We don’t like to think about it, but the closing work day is looming large – SATURDAY September 9th, 9am-1pm.
Please plan to be there with work gloves and ready to “stack and pack” – the more the merrier, and the quicker the work is completed!  

Enjoy these last few days before we wrap
And head indoors for the long winter nap…