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Cool Pool News – 2024 – No. 8

The pool is in full swing
Open daily for all to enjoy
And things are beginning to happen
Please peruse on, so as not to annoy

With early closures for swim meets
And events that are scheduled ahead
We want to keep everyone happy
With information that must be read!


In response to a complaint regarding BCRC’s Food Truck Fridays, Fairfax County notified The Heel of the Boot Food Truck this morning that they cannot offer service at our pool tonight. We are very sorry for the inconvenience!

That said, Happy Hour is still on, and it should be a beautiful night! So, please come to Kathy’s Korner this evening and gather with friends and neighbors! Bring food, snacks, beverages (no glass, please!), and lots of cheer – summer is here!!!

We are working with the county and are hopeful Food Truck Fridays will be able to continue for the remainder of the summer – stay tuned!


Every Friday, members are invited to bring their dinners to the pool and join in the community al fresco dining experience by Kathy’s Korner.  Meet up with friends and also a chance to make new ones.  All welcome.  Happy Hour begins around 6pm, and beverages are permitted, but NO GLASS CONTAINERS of any kind please.  Glass, water and bare feet just do not make a happy time for anyone!


Our fabulous Barracudas Swim Team will be holding swim time trials on Saturday morning from 7.30am-10am.  This is before the opening of the pool to members, but just to let you know, if you hear happy noises and wonder what is going on!


The pool will close to members at 5pm for the one and only afternoon swim meet being hosted at our pool.  We apologize for any inconvenience, but all are welcome to come support the swimmers, and enjoy food from the concession stand!


The pool will be hosting the 5th grade graduation party for Mason Crest Elementary school pupils at the pool from 12.30-3.30pm.  So there may be a few extra kids around for a couple of hours after pool opens to members at 1pm.  This is a great opportunity to have children enjoy our pool and premises and learn about membership and friendship opportunities!

THURSDAY June 13th

School is out and SUMMER POOL HOURS begin – which means the pool will be open daily from 11am-9pm.  The neighborhood backyard will be open for business!!


The snack bar at Kathy’s Korner is now stocked with delicious treats available for purchase.  The intent is to have it open during break times – which is 45 mins to the top of the hour.  This is subject to availability of swim team volunteers, and all proceeds support the Barracudas Swim Team.  


Separate to the snack bar, this lunch bar will provide meal items available for purchase on Tuesdays and Thursdays through summer, from 11.30 – 2.30pm, and (hopefully) Saturday & Sundays from 11.30am-5.30pm.  This cash-only/preferred operation will provide hamburgers, hotdogs, personal pizzas, chicken burgers, chicken nuggets, popcorn, and all kinds for treats – IF WE CAN HAVE VOLUNTEERS SIGN UP TO HELP.  Last year, Ricardo’s was supported by just 5 people, and we are worn out!  If you can flip a burger for your family, you can flip them at the pool and bring a smile to a grumbling tummy!  Please check out the website at and check the volunteer page for dates and times needed to be filled.  All supplies and instructions will be provided – we just need people power!


Please NO FOOD on the deck!  The deck is the area inside the fencing (all the concrete!) that surrounds the entire pool area (including the baby pool).  Water is permitted, but no sodas, fruit drinks, snacks, or food.  This includes the baby pool area.  Why?  Our intent is to keep bees and bugs away from the swimming area.  And they are so clearly attracted to food and beverages.  By keeping food and drinks away from the water, it keeps swimmers and sunbathers safer.  There is also an issue of food scraps and trash that gets dropped.  Outside the deck area, all are welcome to eat, drink and be merry.  However, if you are seen to be eating or drinking anything other than water, you will be asked to leave the deck area.  And we see you – so now you know – and we appreciate you abiding by these rules!

Stay Cool ….