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Membership: (703) 560-1282

CPN 3 – Workdays & Opening Day Picnic

Saturday, May 21, 9am – 1pm.
We had a great turnout last Saturday, but there is more to do this week. Please come help put the finishing touches on our great pool before Opening Day. There are tasks for volunteers of all skill levels, even kids. So get those volunteer hours off your ‘to-do’ list.

Membership Update: Review Your Online Account
Opening day is coming quickly – and we have a new, online membership system! We will be using a computer check-in system at the front desk. So, please check your online account – make sure you have selected and paid for all members of your household who will be coming to the pool this summer. Any questions, email

And if you have not completed your membership yet, do it today so you don’t miss a minute of fun! Spread the word, we are still accepting memberships for the 2022 season. Go to for all the details.

SATURDAY, MAY 28, 5pm – 7pm

Every year, Broyhill Crest Pool hosts an opening day picnic for our members. It is a great way to meet and greet each other after the long fall and winter. Volunteering to set-up tables, grill or serve some
barbecue, or tidy up afterwards gives you a chance to meet all the wonderful people who call your pool home for the summer. Please click the Volunteer Today button on the website to take a peek at our volunteer site visit and consider helping out on Opening Day.